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Delighted Customers

As described, great condition & wonderfully packed. I am a return customer - great store and prices.
Julie Stroup
First of all I love everything that I received. Secondly, I can't believe the amount of care you put into packaging everything....not to mention the bounty of products that you offer. I have referred a couple people to you already and I hope that they passed along my name but at the same time I'm almost scared for people to find out about your company because I love it so much I want you all to myself but I know I'm not allowed to be that greedy!! =) I can't wait to order a few more things and you have me for LIFE girl. I know sometimes people think that reviews are fabricated and if I weren't so afraid of crazy people calling me I would post my phone number and tell people to call me and I'll give them a first-hand account of what a delightful this has been working with you. All my best, Lynn
Lynn Pellerito • @lynnpellerito