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RetroReclaimations Brick+Mortar Store NOW OPEN by Appointment Only


RetroReclaimations Brick+Mortar Store Announcement


We are thrilled to launch our new, APPOINTMENT ONLY brick and mortar location!! Thank you ALL for joining us on this incredible vintage adventure. I look forward to meeting many of y'all face-to-face and am excited for many things to come!


Tuesday 10 AM -5 PM
Wednesday 6 PM - 8 PM
Thursday 10 AM - 5 PM


Appointments are available in one-hour increments so, if you need more time, schedule an appointment the following hour.

How To Book

Please visit RetroReclaimations Brick+Mortar booking page to schedule an appointment! Answers to FAQ are available when booking your appointment.

If you have certain colors, patterns, manufacturers, etc. that you prefer please indicate such in the corresponding field(s). For a more authentic and enjoyable shopping experience, each visit will be tailored to the customers preferences.

Important Information

Due to the unique nature of offering appointments only, there are a few guidelines that we respectfully request be followed:

  • In the event that you must cancel an appointment, we require a 48 hour notice
  • If you do NOT have 48 hours please contact us ASAP
  • Items will be held for future purchase for not more than 48 hours--if payment is NOT received at the end of 48 hours, item(s) will be put back on the shelf
  • $8 USPS Priority Mail shipping is available for eastern US residents (ie states that border the Atlantic Ocean)
  • NO RETURNS, EXCHANGES, OR REFUNDS this policy is a departure from the online store simply because customers are provided ample time to view + inspect merchandise prior to purchase.
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We look forward to this new experience + appreciate your patience as all inevitable kinks are worked out.

Vintage Barware + Cocktails

Cocktails for the Commander: Herbert Hoover
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Classic Cocktails to Serve in Highball Glass
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How to Host a Mid-Century Cocktail Party
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20th Century Kitchens

20th Century Kitchen Trends: Tupperware Plastic Storage

20th Century Kitchen Trends: Tupperware Plastic Storage

Tupperware was invented in 1946 by Earl Silas Tupper and became available to the public in 1948. Tupper's new food storage bowls were available for purchase at many national chains during the late forties. 
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A Quick History of the Crock Pot

A Quick History of the Crock Pot

The Crock-Pot was marketed as a time saving appliance that would cook food for the housewife that wanted to join the workforce.
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