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Customer Photo's

Customer photo's are by far my favorite! I love seeing collection displays, "action" shots, latest purchases, etc. I almost always see something I never have.

Pyrex ♡ Fire-King ♡ Hazel Atlas ♡ Libbey ♡ Federal

The prettiest displays include a mix up of nesting bowls, casseroles, and refrigerator dishes, with salt 'n pepper shakers and other matching kitsch items dispersed throughout.

Delighted Customers

You are soooo sweet to sell the Sears Maid of Honor fridgies to me! I will treasure them!! It was like Christmas when I was unwrapping them! Your packaging is so beautiful, and is a huge part of the fun! Thank you for a wonderful experience and spectacular products!
Angela Leonard • @angelanicholsleonard
First of all I love everything that I received. Secondly, I can't believe the amount of care you put into packaging everything....not to mention the bounty of products that you offer. I have referred a couple people to you already and I hope that they passed along my name but at the same time I'm almost scared for people to find out about your company because I love it so much I want you all to myself but I know I'm not allowed to be that greedy!! =) I can't wait to order a few more things and you have me for LIFE girl. I know sometimes people think that reviews are fabricated and if I weren't so afraid of crazy people calling me I would post my phone number and tell people to call me and I'll give them a first-hand account of what a delightful this has been working with you. All my best, Lynn
Lynn Pellerito • @lynnpellerito