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Claim It Giveaway Contests

Claim It Giveaway Contests

Claim It Giveaway contests are Retro Reclaimations way of rewarding those who show us love.  Contests are only announced on our Facebook page or the monthly newsletter Re·claim News.  Often, contest are spur of the moment and precipitated by some excitement around here.  Winners are asked to send in photos of their new claim it prize to be featured here and in Re·claim News with permission of course! So, follow us on Facebook and subscribe to the newsletter and you are eligible to claim some free swag of your own!!  Who doesn't like free? We even claim the cost of shipping!

Featured below:  Ms. Cathy Lucas, winner of our first ever Claim It Giveaway. She is the proud owner of a free 4 cup special edition Pyrex storage container. Ms. Cathy has since become one of our greatest supporters showing Retro love every chance she gets!??❤ Thank you Ms.Cathy & we hope you get many years of use out of your Valentine's heart container.

If you are a previous winner it is NOT too late to submit your photos! We would love a shot of you, or any person of your liking, holding your free claim it prize! Just email it to 



  • Jennifer Benson
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