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2017 Top Selling Item, It's NOT What You Think!

2017 Top Selling Item, It's NOT What You Think!

Top Seller 2017

Let's get straight to it...the top selling online item in 2017 was:


To my surprise Hazel Atlas-Kraft Swankyswigs outsold ALL other itemsI should mention the numbers were CLOSE and ONLY included online sells. 

Swankyswigs encompass true Hazel Atlas Kraft swigs in ALL patterns but Bustlin' Betsy swigs are by far a customer favorite. 

Read our Swankyswigs blog post for an interesting history about these highly collectible glasses.

Number 2

The 2nd most popular selling item:

Pyrex Casseroles 

This includes ALL patterns/colors and ALL sizes both round and oval. One might assume that Pyrex is our #1 seller and I would have predicted as much at the beginning of the year.

Number 3

The 3rd spot includes ALL manufacturers and sizes and belongs to:

Vintage Barware

4th + 5th Place

Pyrex refrigerator dishes came in 4th followed closely by Pyrex mixing bowls. Oddly enough, if I included sales from pop up events and Flea Body's Antique Mall, Pyrex mixing bowls would have been in the top spot....a landslide win!


If you are a Pyrex collector, chances are that Butterprint is either in your collection OR on your search list. Butterprint pattern is our top requested and sold Pyrex. Shades of blue were on trend in kitchen design color in 2017 and are projected to stay in demand in 2018.

  • Jennifer Benson
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