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Vintage Glassware Is Best: 7 Reasons To Ditch Plastic

Vintage Glassware Is Best: 7 Reasons To Ditch Plastic

There is something special about serving food in vintage glassware--especially when you can reminisce with others about  nostalgic vintage pieces. Like the vintage bowl Grandma used to serve a special side dish from and NEVER allowed anyone else to touch. She personally ladled out everyone's serving and if you attempted to help yourself-THWACK!! You can still hear the sound as she cracked your knuckles with her wood serving spoon. 

Memories like this are why so many are drawn to vintage glassware. The nostalgia and warm, often funny, memories of the past. Whatever the reason(s) one chooses vintage glassware one thing is certain: this is a far better, albeit lucky, choice than the alternative --plastic.  Following are the top, lucky 7 reasons why vintage glassware is a must in all modern-day kitchens. Yes folks, it is time to ditch the plastic!

Vintage glassware offers:

  1. Exceptional Recyclability with Less Environmental Impact  Glass can be reused and recycled over & over again while retaining its' original qualities. Typically, all glass is made of 3 quickly renewing resources: sand, Ash, & limestone. Glass bottles are highly recyclable When glass is recycled up to 80% of it is reused thereby using and depleting LESS resources to manufacture new glass. Another important fact to consider is the use of cullet in glass production. Cullet is essentially all the left over, small pieces of glass that remain behind after production. It can be mixed with glass pieces from recycling to save energy during processing. Cullet melts at a lower temperature than other glass and allows less energy consumption during glass processing & production.Reduce Reuse Recycle Triangle Image
  2. Enhances Taste with Non-Permeable Exterior  Glass is inert and non-porous so is ideal for food storage. Taste remains in food when glass containers are used and even more important, glass is a great barrier against odors from other sources. That lasagna you put in the fridge a couple days ago still taste like lasagna! The food is protected by the glass from absorbing odors, and changing taste, from items surrounding it in the fridge. 
  3. Superior Organization with Clutter Free Cupboards  Tell me one person, non Type A that is, that has all of their plastic containers & lids organized & accessible in their kitchen cupboard. Finding a matching set to store leftovers or send food to a friend is often next to impossible! Glassware, on the other hand, typically comes in sets that nest within each other and take up far less space. Additionally, vintage glassware is often patterned & colorful which affords the opportunity to display your storage containers. Imagine that! No more hiding that embarrassing mess of plastic food containers & lids! Glass storage is something to be proud of, show off even.
  4. Greater Functionality with Time Saving Ability  Yes, I said time saving! Think of all the time it takes to prep, cook, serve, and store a meal. Vintage glassware has the unique ability to meet all the above needs in one dish. The only thing you cannot do with glass is prepare food on the stove top. Now imagine the time you can save finding, using, and cleaning an individual dish to meet each need. Take lasagna for example,yes I love lasagna, you can prepare, bake, serve, and store in the same casserole! That alone saves you a minimum of 30 minutes of time in the kitchen. Now multiply that over a seven day period, a month, and you are adding days worth of time that you do NOT have to spend in the kitchen! 😉 You are more than welcome!
  5. Minimal Health Risks with Chemical Free Composition Glass is inert and retains the same composition and stability over time regardless of temperature exposure. It is free of synthetic and organic chemicals that can leach into your food or liquids when heated. You can feel safe and certain that glass is not harmful to you or your loved ones.Plastic baby bottles are unsafe and full of chemicals-switch vintage or modern glass bottles So, go ahead and give your baby a glass bottle full of warm milk or serve your little one food that has been heated in a glass container. You can rest assured that you are NOT diminishing the likelihood of having grandchildren. I cannot guarantee that you will have grandchildren or great grandchildren but I can guarantee that their existence will not be prevented from your childs exposure to estrogen acting chemicals in glassware like those found in plastic-even BPA free plastics. Rest assured that you are not exposing your child to chemicals that have been PROVEN to disrupt reproductive, neurological, or endocrine systems and using glassware is the only safe alternative to the plast.
  6. Diminished Costs with One Time Investment Think of all the money you spend on plastic storage containers and the number of new containers you buy to replace those lost or damaged. Adds up to quite a large sum of money! You are forced to discard plastic containers for numerous reasons including: lost lids, change in shape or color  (eww!), lost or accidentally tossed, never returned by friends or family.Vintage glassware is cheaper long term, one time investment over plastic containers  Glassware is long lasting and a one time investment. The color and shape will NEVER alter, friends realize the value and tend to return. The only negative is the nature of glass being breakable but honestly, how often do you actually break your glassware? Not too often! Why not make a one time, long term investment and spend a little more money on quality glassware?
  7. Prolonged Life with Astounding Durability  Although number 6 mostly covers this aspect it must be included for us to have a lucky #7. Vintage glassware tends to be more durable and less prone to breaking than the glassware available today. Certainly, made during a time when quality mattered far more than quantity, vintage glassware has withstood the test of time and is still available. Often available in great to excellent condition might I add. It is far wiser to choose glassware that has a proven track record than to throw away money on plastic or the glassware available for purchase today. 








This list is not all inclusive and is an honest matter of opinion. 

Are there additional reasons why you think vintage glassware is better than plastic? Maybe you prefer to stand behind the virtues of plastics? Either way I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.


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