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Vintage Glassware Holiday 2016 Markets & Events

Vintage Glassware Holiday 2016 Markets & Events

Description has a calendar full of December Holiday Events. We have selected a number of markets and pop up shops across the state of NC to offer vintage glassware straight to the customer.


For us, we love the opportunity to meet our customers face-to-face and establish a relationship with each of you personally. For you, the benefits to shopping in person are numerous:

  • Holiday Spirit
  • Inspect Items
  • Hassle Free
  • Less Expensive
  • Safety
Holiday Spirit

Shopping online can be fun but is more of a solo endeavor. When you visit a market the spirit of the holiday season is in the air! The sounds of Bing Crosby and Mariah Carey singing your favorite Christmas carols, excited shoppers looking for the perfect gift, generally happy people looking to share the joy of shopping with all those around.

Elf Christmas carols Christmas spirit

Inspect Items

The market shopping experience allows you to pick up and inspect items prior to purchase. You can determine quality and value versus another doing so for you online. Quality is a subjective process and though tries our best to objectively determine value, we all have our own system of determining such.

 Hassle Free

The market experience lends itself to hassle free shopping. No browsing pages and products trying to compare descriptions and prices, no trouble trying to determine tax and shipping rates, when shopping markets it is all right there, laid out for you to decide quality.

Calculator image

Less Expensive 

There are no extra, hidden costs at markets. Obviously, shipping is free, taxes are included (at booth), and most importantly you can often bargain for a lower price (shh!).

Image of Piggy Bank


Although is SSL encrypted and uses only known, verified payment methods, customers are often fearful of sharing credit card information. Shopping our products in person takes away that barrier and allows you the piece of mind to know that your information is safe.

Credit card safety

Markets Near You

Please click on each image to visit the homepage for each market.

Holiday Flea at Brooklyn Arts Center-Wilmington FlyerEast West Pop Up flyer

Vintage Charlotte Pop holiday marketVintage Charlotte Winter Market FlyerSeaglass Salvage Market holiday market logo

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