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Vintage Barware-Glassware-Cocktail Glasses-Whiskey Decanters-and More


Vintage barware offered by covers several styles of vintage barware ranging from 2 ounce shot glasses to complete cocktail sets.  Many of our items come with their original boxes or packaging and appear to have rarely if ever, in some cases, been used.

Why Should YOU Choose Vintage Over Modern Barware?

Vintage barware is an excellent conversation starter as all items are often quirky in their own way with many depicting images/language that are hard to find on today's bar items.  The colors are more vibrant-very few pieces of modern barware go beyond solid colored crystal glassware-vintage barware is not only available in a wider array of colors but, typically patterned as well. Screen print-hand painted-regardless of the medium used patterned, vintage barware has a story to tell.

Add a retro vibe to your in home bar and you are sure to impress friends with your taste in glassware.

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Available Items:

  • Complete barware sets that include ice buckets
  • Tom Collins
  • Hi-ball
  • Rocks-Lowball
  • Cocktail Glasses
  • Shotglasses
  • Martini shakers
  • Bottle stoppers
  • Swizzle Sticks
  • Whiskey Decanters



Vintage Barware-Glassware-Cocktail Glasses-Whiskey Decanters-and More

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