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Vintage Glassware-Salt & Pepper Shakers


Vintage glassware salt 'n pepper shakers cover a broad range of available types. We have sets marked "Japan", made in occupied Japan, some styles are anthropomorphic and some americana or native american. All sets are adorable!


  • Kisses
  • Huggers
  • Hangers
  • Bench sitters
  • Figurative
  • Anthropomorhic


Besides being adorable, vintage shakers are a depiction of history. The styles and shaped are a direct reflection of the era they were manufactured.

Occupied Japan

For instance, "made in occupied Japan" mark a time after WW2 that American soldiers "occupied Japan". Law decreed that all items exported during that time be marked as occupied.


This type of shaker reflects a time most would rather forget. The problem with that is if we erase history we are bound to repeat it. These shakers are a reflection of the hate and stereotypes in America against the people's enslaved by them.


Vintage Glassware-Salt & Pepper Shakers

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