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Vintage Glassware-Barware 1930's

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Vintage glassware-barware was manufactured to serve a purpose and meet specific needs. This Era is known for The Great Depression which resulted in the need for thriftfulness and saving. Carnival and Depression glass were the answer to such needs. Both were mass produced, inexpensive, and readily available. Our collection has very few such items as I have become interested in collecting either style only in the past year. As items become available, and my personal collection grows, we will start offering Depression and Carnival glassware pieces.

One would be negligent not to mention the repeal of Prohibition in 1933 as this surely had an impact on the production of vintage barware in America. Prohibition affected all tiers of the economy but to what extent is quite subjective. Consider the state of Indiana for example, where the sale of cocktail shakers was banned...

Many glass houses, notably Hazel Atlas, capitalized on this by manufacturing reusable glass containers. The containers held food products that consumers could purchase and once the containers were empty, repurpose as drinking glasses. This was a genius marketing plan that appealed to the save, save, save mindset of the period. Jars were inexpensive and fulfilled a dual purpose.

This decade saw the introduction of Kraft Swankyswigs cheese spread glass jars. The jars were hand painted with simple designs like stripes and circles. The result: colorful prints emerge as the norm on previously simple glassware.

For a more thorough history read our blog post containing everything you need to know about Swankyswigs.


Color was finally introduced and acceptable in American kitchens. White painted walls had carried over from the 20's but were accented with bright yellow or blue. One important trend was the introduction of the icebox into the home kitchen. No longer was it necessary to shop for groceries daily, one could shop and stock items for keeping in the icebox.

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Vintage Glassware-Barware 1930's

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