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Vintage Glassware-Barware 1940's

Collection Description

Vintage glassware-barware production was nearly halted during the first half of the decade. Glass manufacturers, along with many other factories, either ceased production entirely or produced goods-items to support World War II. The 2nd half of the 40's started a glassware production boom that lasted for many years.

Vintage glassware-barware pieces were required as food containers, household use, barware manufacturing, and more. The population was on the rise and a mass movement to larger, suburban homes increased demand resulting in the most profitable years many glass companies had seen yet.


The 40's kitchen was used for canning and preserving. Homemade was trendy and seen as a conscious effort to support the war. Homes and the kitchens within were self-sufficient and focused on what things, large or small, could be changed or saved to show support for the war. Being an American meant being patriotic and ALL people were encouraged to do so whether socially or officially.

Color trends along with most things carried over from the Depression years, literally stalled with America's involvement in the war. It was as though someone hit the pause button on the culture of America.



  • 1945 Primary Colors (set of 4 mixing/nesting bowls)
  • 1947 Primary Colors (refrigerator set)
  • 1949 Red 4qt. mixing bowl-open stock

Libbey Glassware

  • 1948 Pickwick Hostess Set, Merry-Go-Round, Americana

Sour Cream Glasses

  • Wheat
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The vintage glassware-barware from 1940's offer a slice of Americana just as Americans are coming home from war and emigrating by the thousands to suburbia. Grab your piece of this fast disappearing piece of nostalgia and choose an item to add to or begin your collection of vintage glassware-barware.

Vintage Glassware-Barware 1940's

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