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Vintage Glassware-Pyrex "Butterprint" 1.5 pint Refrigerator Dish-1957

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Vintage glassware refrigerator dish by Pyrex featuring the popular turquoise Butterprint pattern. Pyrex released thus, and two additional, patterns in 1957. The turquoise/aqua color is synonymous with a 1950's kitchen.

The pattern depicts a farmer, rooster, and whwat in turquoise on a white background.

This dish comes with the original clear, glass lid.


Vintage glassware is perfect for storing leftovers in the fridge and heating in the oven or microwave. Additionally, food items may be served straight from this beautiful vintage glassware dish.

As both heat and cold resistant, this glass is not only multifunctional but durable as well.


Great condition with little to no damage. The glass is smooth and free from nicks, chips, or scratches. The pattern is vibrant and nearly 100% intact. * Any missing paint is negligible and hard to find on sight.

To maintain condition, vintage glassware should NEVER be washed in a dishwasher. This method is safe but will ruin the pattern and color!



  • 6.5" × 4.0"
  • Depth ➡ 2.5"
  • 502 1.5 pint

Additional Information:

If you have not made the switch from plastic to glass in your kitchen, read our post on the benefits and we might be able to convince you why you should. The benefits include health, space, costs, nostalgia, and more. 

Start the transition today from plastic to vintage glassware!