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Vintage Glassware-Pyrex-Butterprint-Bake-Serve-Store-Turquoise-Casserole

$ 22.00


Vintage glassware casserole(s) manufactured by Pyrex in 1957. The pattern, Butterprint, is available in two (2) color variations:

  1. White Print on Turquoise/Aqua
  2. Turquoise/Aqua Print on White

The pattern features a country farmer/Amish scene with roosters, wheat stalks, and figures. 

This size, 1 pint, is perfect for smaller portions or sides and can be used to prep, bake, store, and serve. Yes, that is ONE dish for all uses. Think of the time saved doing dished and the cabinet space saved when using such an all purpose dish!


The condition of each is great unless otherwise noted. There is no dishwasher damage and the patterns are complete and vibrant. The glass is smooth and free from scratches and chips. There may be light, grey utensil marks on the interior but this does not take away from the beauty or function of each casserole.

*Each dish comes with the original clear, glass lid. 


  • Depth ➡ 2"
  • Diameter ➡ 6"
  • 471 1 pint

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