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Vintage Glassware-Pyrex-Pink "Gooseberry"-Cinderella Mixing Bowl #441

$ 32.00 $ 30.00

Vintage glassware from Pyrex in the pink Gooseberry pattern. This is the smallest (1.5 pint) in an original set of 4. Gorgeous with no flaws or damage. hand washes ALL vintage glassware before shipping. Vintage Pyrex is dishwasher safe...meaning it will not melt or break from the high temperatures 🌡 in a dishwasher...☠ However, the chemicals found in dishwasher detergent WILL damage the print & cause fading over time & leaving a dull residue. We recommend 👋 washing ALL glassware & leaving the dishwasher 🚫 for items of no significance.

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