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Vintage Swanky Swigs-Kraft "Kiddie Kup Pattern" Baby Animal Swankyswig 1956

$ 5.00

Manufacturer:  Kraft & Bartlett-Collins

Date:  1956-58

Pattern:  Kiddie Kup


  3.75" tall


     Black:  Foal & Duck 

     Blue:  🐖 & Bear 

     Brown:  Deer & Squirrel 

     Green:  🐱 & 🐇

     Orange:  🐕 & Cockerel

     Red:  🐦 & Elephant 

Great condition! No chips, cracks, scratches, pattern loss or fading. Excellent juice or H2O glasses.

Used as a marketing tool by Kraft to distribute their cheese spread. Once the tumbler was empty you could wash it out and add to your cabinet as a drinking glass.  Great advertising for a 2-in-1 as it was economical and if the glass was broken it was not too expensive to replace. Essentially a life saver for clumsy kids as it was "okay" if one dropped and broke mom's Kraft glasses.

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