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Vintage Glassware-Bakeware-Pyrex-Flamingo Pink-Square-Utility Dish #222

$ 20.00


Pyrex manufactured Flamingo Pink & Lime Green bakeware/utility dishes from 1952 thru 1957. Items available in both colors include:

  • Round casserole 
  • Loaf pan
  • Cake pan
  • Pie plate
  • Square Baker 8”
  • Oblong Baker
    • 1.5 quart ➡ #231 
    • 2.0 quart ➡ #232

The square baker is often referred to as a brownie pan & the 2 quart oblong baker a lasagna pan. Correct me if wrong but I believe the oblong (& maybe the square) bakers are termed utility dishes by the Pyrex company.


In my experience the oblong bakers are perfect for casseroles, enchiladas, & of course lasagna. Functionality is key where bakeware is concerned & I give all vintage bakeware 5 🌟 for the simple ability to bake & serve in the same dish. Whether you choose lime green or flamingo pink both are pretty enough to sit on the dinner table.

Julie Stroup, a Customer, recently purchased this 2 qt. Oblong Baker & sent this photo

Julie Stroup Customer purchased product image-vintage bakeware


Worth Mentioning:

Pyrex vintage bakeware is also available in the ever popular turquoise color. These pieces are harder to find & typically expensive 💰 when you do! If you are fortunate to have turquoise vintage bakeware CONGRATULATIONS-hold on to it! If you stumble upon a piece that is not priced too high BUY IT –it might be the only chance you will have to add turquoise to your collection of vintage bakeware. 

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