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Vintage Glassware Refrigerator Dish-Pyrex-Butterprint-1.5 Cup-1957

$ 18.00


Vintage glassware refrigerator dish manufactured by Pyrex in 1957. Features the Butterprint pattern-often referred to as Amish Butterprint.


  • Length ➡ 4.25"
  • Width ➡ 3.25"
  • Depth ➡ 2.5"
  • Capacity ➡ 1.5 cup
Availability has several pieces of this size vintage glassware Pyrex Butterprint refrigerator dish. The listed price of $18 is for one (1) dish. We are happy to provide discounts to customers purchasing a large amount. For more information please send an email to 

  • Subject line: bulk price


Pyrex manufactured this pattern refrigerator dish set as one of the first so you will only find refrigerator dishes with (the Butterprint pattern) turquoise on white. It was during subsequent years and patterns that Pyrex started playing with colors to allow a variety of print and background color schemes.


By nature, it is impossible to describe condition to such a large, ever revolving product. However, EVERY vintage glassware refrigerator dish included in this $18 listing is in great to excellent condition.

What this means:

  • Vibrant graphic print
  • Minimal loss of pattern colors
  • NO loss of shine and no dishwasher damage
  • Free from chips, nicks, scratches, cracks
  • Smooth to touch rim
  • CLEAN-no grime/stains

If you want a picture of the actual glassware that you are purchasing, email and I will promptly provide up-to-date, clear, color photos.


Great for baking, serving, and storing items such as dips. Who needs plastic storage containers seeping toxins into food? Not you, not anymore!! 

***contact us if interested in purchasing more than one (1) for discounted pricing***to be more specific, this list is for one (1) dish and not for a set of six (6)

If you find a set of six (6), in excellent condition, for $18.00 please contact me with the source as I would LOVE to buy for myself 😆

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