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Vintage Glassware-Pyrex-Refrigerator Dish-Fridgie-Butterprint-1.5 Cups

$ 18.00 $ 14.00


Vintage glassware refrigerator dish manufactured by Pyrex during 1950s. Features turquoise Butterprint pattern on 2 sides. No damage to pattern, color or glass.

🌟 Does NOT have lid--relected in price 🌟


  • 4.25"×3.25"

  •  Depth ➡ 2.5"

  • 1.5 cups   


Glass storage surpasses plastic in quality, appearance, taste, durability, & best of all ➡ SAFETY. Never worry about harmful ☠ chemicals or odors from other foods leaching into your food again. 

Vintage glassware dishes can be taken from the fridge straight to the oven or microwave for heating & they are pretty enough to use on even the finest of tables for food serving.

Glass storage is a green/earth 🌎 friendly storage solution ➡ it is far more recyclable ♼ than plastic so decreases amount of solids being dumped in landfills 🚮.

Go ahead & gift 🎁 yourself or someone you care about!

Fridge ↔ Oven ↔ Table