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Vintage Glassware-Refrigerator Dishes-Turquoise-Pyrex-Butterprint

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Vintage glassware refrigerator dishes from Pyrex in the Butterprint pattern. Complete set of 4 dishes all with lids. Pattern features turquoise farm/rooster 🐓 🌽 scene on white background. Print & glass are lovely in color & quality with little to no damage. No obvious scratches, pattern loss or chips.


This complete set of vintage refrigerator dishes are a must have in every modern home. Who uses plastic to store food in the fridge anymore? Not you! If you do, now is the perfect opportunity to make the transition to glass storage. 

Glass storage surpasses plastic in quality, appearance, taste, durability, & best of all ➡ SAFETY. Never worry about harmful chemicals or other food odors leaching into your food again. 

Vintage glassware dishes can be taken from the fridge straight to the oven or microwave for heating & they are pretty enough to use on even the finest of tables for food serving.

Go ahead & gift yourself or someone you care about!


Set includes:

  • (2) #501-1.5 cup
  • (1) #502-1.5 pint
  • (1) #503-1.5 quart
  • 4 matching, clear glass lids

Read our blog post to learn more about the virtues of glass storage over plastic?  

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