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Vintage Swanky Swigs-Kraft "Bustling Betsy" Swanky Swig/Juice Tumbler

$ 6.00

Manufacturer: Kraft

Date:  1953

Pattern:  Bustling Betsy


     3.75" tall

     2" diameter

Great condition with no fading, chips/cracks, or pattern loss. Multiple available in a variety of colors.

"True" Swanky Swigs! These tumblers were used by Kraft to sell/market cheese spread from the '30s they the 1950's.  

Great juice glasses, pen holders, or add to a collection.  My grandma (shhh) uses this type of glass to hold her liquor. She keeps it sitting behind the kitchen sink a lightly takes a nip throughout the day.


Blue:  The Master Arrives Home

Brown:  Telephone Conversation

Green:  Serving Dinner

Orange:  The Stereoscope

Red:  Afternoon Tea

Yellow:  Kitchen Scene

The above titles were taken from The Decorated Tumbler, written by Hazel Marie Weatherman (1978).


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