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Vintage Glassware-Barware 1950's

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Vintage glassware-barware was in high demand during the 1950's. Americans were moving to the suburbs and this move resulted in a culture shift of at home entertaining. The American housewife was not only wife, mother, and housekeeper, she now had the added responsibility of hostess.

All the major glass houses capitalized on this shift and manufactured items that all the "best hostesses" should have in their home. Items included complete barware sets from pour spouts and cocktail shakers to matching sets of mixing bowls and serving casseroles with every possible gadget between. 

The war years were a distant memory and the 50's saw a shift in culture from strain and save to spend, relax, and look to the future.


Trends in color reflected the renewed spirit of the 50's. Kitchens and appliances were decorated with bubblegum pinks, canary yellows, and robin's egg blue. Glassware was on trend as seen by Pyrex patterns Daisy, Gooseberry, and Butterprint.

 Vintage Pyrex Gooseberry Pink and Aqua Butterprint Casseroles

Another trend, although not new to the 50's, was the collaboration between glass manufacturers and food companies. Products such as peanut butter and sour cream were readily available for purchase in premium, reusable glass jars. The patterns/colors of jars were always on trend to coordinate smoothly with the kitchen colors of the day.



  • 1955 Desert Dawn
  • 1956 SnowflakePink Daisy
  • 1957 GooseberryButterprint
  • 1959 Dandelion, Golden Branch, Bluebird, Gold Hearts

Libbey Glassware 

  • 1950 "Safedge" Tumblers 4 oz.
  • 1953 Treasure Island
  • 1954 Chanticlear Handshaker Set
  • 1955 Mediterranean Hostess Set, Curio Hostess Set, Fish Story Highball Tumblers

Sour Cream Glasses 

  • Stylized Rose
  • Ivy
  • Triple Diamond 


  • Swift Peanut Butter Co.-Wizard of Oz
  • 1953 Swankyswigs Bustlin' Betsy
  • 1954 Swankyswigs Antiques Pattern
  • 1956 Swankyswigs "Kiddie Kup"
  • GlasBake Walker's Honey Whip Jars
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Vintage Glassware-Barware 1950's

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