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Find Us @ Flea Body’s Antique Mall in Wilmington, NC

Find Us

You can find at Flea Body's Antique Mall in Wilmington, NC. Our space is #B5B and is a 5 shelf bookcase. Unless we have multiples of an item, you will NOT find the same inventory as what you see on the website. 

Additional Vendors

One of my favorite vendors, Pink Squirrel Shop, has a space located across the front doors of the building. It cannot be missed as the pink and squirrel decor draw in even the most distracted person.

(Check out our vendor spotlight on Pink Squirrel Shop for more information about their process and products).

There are 65+ vendors in this one space so there is sure to be a little something for all. Items range from the typical upcycled-repurposed furniture pieces to gorgeous, hard-to-find antiques. There are items of every shape, size, and color all displayed in an organized, well curated fashion. 

The Atmosphere

Flea Body’s is spacious with ample browsing space. The area is well lit with salvaged industrial lights that can be purchased at a surprisingly low cost. The concrete floors are clean and maintained by a friendly staff of vendors that change from day-to-day. EVERY customer is greeted on arrival but be prepared to not always immediately see the person speaking to you. The space is huge and it takes a sec to reach one side of the store from another.

The aisles between vendors are wide with ample room for a wheelchair. * It is important to note that a wheelchair will not fit inside all vendor booth spaces.

Location & Hours


Stocking replenishes our area at least once a month, more often when space permits. You can typically visit on or just after the 15th to find new products on our shelves. 

Product Photos

Below are images from Instagram page of products we have stocked since the store opening in July 2016.