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Our Story

Creation Story

As an avid collector and vintage enthusiast, my collection of vintage glassware increased disproportionately to the amount of storage + display space I had available. Faced with the reality of NEVER buying another vintage dish, I took action and like so many before me, I decided to start selling my collection. The decision seemed infallible as it solved two problems:

  1. Lack of storage and display space
  2. The possibility of NEVER purchasing vintage glassware again

About Us 

Located in southeastern NC, collection of 20th century, patterned glass + barware consist of items ranging from mixing bowls and salt n pepper shakers to complete cocktail sets and Swankyswigs. Each item is chosen for superior condition and cleanliness with great consideration for pattern and color popularity.

Pyrex, Fire-King, Hazel Atlas, Libbey, and Federal are just a few of the well-known glass houses represented in our collection. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to reclaim 20th century glass and barware that has decades of use still in it. Our culture is becoming more aware of the impact our choices have on our health and environment. One area that needs more attention is the use of plastics in the home. Personally, I was unaware of the dangers until, out of curiosity, I Googled the benefits of glassware over plastics.

In no way am I attempting to use scare-tactics to sell glass, instead I am motivated to share awareness. 21st Century conveniences and time saving appliances have enabled women to take off their aprons and leave the kitchen. Perhaps our eagerness to do so has unknowingly endangered those nearest and dearest. That is why it is our mission to reclaim vintage glassware and re-introduce it into modern homes. Join us!

Our Customers customers share a passion for tradition and nostalgia coupled with a desire to introduce mid-century glassware into the modern kitchen. Our customers prefer quality and beauty over cost and convenience.