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VIP EXCLUSIVE 4th of July Savings

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I am fortunate to have 8-10 customers that shop from on a regular basis. Each of you bring unique personalities and preferences to the table and fortunately ALL are in search of different patterns/colors. I so enjoy looking for and "stockpiling" pieces for you all!

Promo Code

You can use the promo code VIPJULY one time from July 1st thru July 31st. If you shop online, this is the ONLY savings/discount that will apply, in person, the same holds true.

I chose the amount $17.76 for obvious reasons...


While I don't feel it necessary with any one of my VIP customers, it is important for legal reasons to outline the fine print.

  • Discount valid 1 July 2017 thru 31 July 2017
  • Promo may used ONCE
  • Minimum Spend to use discount is $50
  • Only one coupon per customer will apply
  • Cannot be combined with Reward Beans, FREE SHIPPING, or VIP 15%
  • Promo Code is connected to customer email and will NOT work with non-VIP customer email
  • Please Do Not Share Promo Code

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