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Vintage Barware-Libbey-Candy Stick-Frosted-Zombie-Tom Collins-Set of 4-1948

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Vintage barware manufactured by Libbey Glassware in 1948. This is for a set of four (4) "zombie" tumblers. The glasses are frosted with each having a different color decoration:

  • red
  • pink
  • aqua
  • light blue


The complete set is in wonderful condition! The frosted glass is clean/stain free and without damage including cracks, scratches, and nicks. The rim of each has what can only be described as a "hump" that can be felt by the finger and is visible on close inspection. * This is obviously a manufacturer flaw *

The candy stick patterns are completely intact and vivid. This set was well cared for as can be seen by the lack of color fading.

  • Height ➡ 6.75"
  • Diameter ➡ 2.25"
  • Capacity ➡ 14 ounce

Why YOU Need It!

These are classic Tom Collins glasses with a hard to find colorful pattern. Reminiscent of peppermint swirls, these are sure to strike up conversation during any cocktail hour!

Great to add to an existing collection of vintage barware or for use in an in the home bar. Either way I guarantee you will never regret purchasing this delightful set of Libbey vintage barware.

Having a party or know anyone event planner? This set is perfect for today's popular "candy theme" parties.


You can purchase another set of four that we currently have available. Simply contact for discounted pricing and to inquire about another eight (8) matching tumblers in our inventory (not listed on at this time). 

After browsing dozens of Libbey Glassware product catalogs I found this set featured in the spring and summer 1948 catalog. * This does NOT mean it was the first, or last, year of production but simply the first year I spotted it.

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